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Capitalization style for the title

  • Treat the heading as you would treat a sentence: you capitalize the first letter.
  • Don’t capitalize the first word after a colon unless a proper noun


Autocomplete is activated after you entering 3 characters; and you should select the content from the drop down. When there are autocomplete, please use the autocomplete functions. You should select from the drop-down list instead of typing yourself to avoid typos.

Example1: Contact Person

Autocomplete is activated after 3 characters;

After you enter 3 characters, please select the name that is automately shown up in the drop down. Then there will be autocomplete content of this person’s information.

! You have to use autocomplete here to get the email address. Otherwise, people couldn’t make the data request on this dataset.

In this way, we can avoid typos of the email address.

Example 2: Weeding

Autocomplete content in the weeding situation in each block that year.