What does a Dataset mean?

A dataset may be anything from a single record up to a collection of millions of records and multiple variables.
Each dataset may have an individual structure given by the number of variables and their properties. In our database, a dataset has the following structure:

Tabular data

The term “Tabular data” is used for all datasets where there internal structure of the data is “known” to the system.
For example, in a data table the header, which defines the columns (i.e. variables) is the structure of the data.
Before uploading/importing data to the system the data structure needs to be created with the Data Structure Manager in the Data Planning module.

The system supports file formats of Microsoft Excel (.xlsm) or ASCII (.txt, *.csv).

File data

All the datasets that don’t have the data structure in the system, thus data internal structure can’t be “known” to the system.

The database can support many file formats such as .avi) (.bmp) (.csv) (.dbf) (.doc) (.docx) (.gif) (.jpg) (.jpeg) (.mp3) (.mp4) (.pdf) (.png) (.shp) (.shx) (.tif) (.txt) (.xls) (.xlsm) (.xlsx) (.xsd) (.zip).