Validation failed:
Data structure does not have the same order. Check your variable names and order in your file and data structure. Names need to be identical. (year,subsample)

The variables in your file and in the data structure need to be exactly the same, not only the names need to be same, but also the variables order, which variable is on the first column, which is the second.
You should change your file variables order according to the data structure. Or you can change the data structure variable order.

The data for the dataset 53 sent by the user not uploaded.
Errors: Can not upload. : Row was updated or deleted by another transaction (or unsaved-value mapping was incorrect): [BExIS.Dlm.Entities.Data.DatasetVersion#…]

Errors: Can not upload. : Invalid version id. The dataset version id 197 is greater than the latest version number!

When the data is too big and with many NAs, the system may fail uploading the data. You should try it again the second day. If it still fails, contact the data curator.