We are migrating data to a new database. The new database will be introduced soon.

! Due to some security issues, we need to upgrade the old Jena Experiment Information System. So the old Information System has to be temporarily offline.

The Jena Experiment has generated a wealth of data on biodiversity and ecosystem functioning since its initiation in 2002. In general, metadata of all datasets can be viewed by the public on request, and all data older than five years are freely available to the public. Please note that this deadline applies to the date when the respective data was uploaded to the Jena Experiment Information System which usually takes place within two years of collecting the data. The research consortium of the Jena Experiment strongly supports data sharing, while ensuring that the data providers and the Jena Experiment get a fair credit for their work through co-authorship, citation, and/or inclusion in the acknowledgments of resulting papers. To achieve and clearly communicate this goal, a data use and publication policy applies.

Procedure to be an external user

People interested in public data and in metadata of other datasets can become external users of the data base (“external users”).

To register as an external user of the Jena Experiment Data, follow the database URL and create a new account. For registration, the applicant needs to fill out a form stating the personal information.

To complete registration, applicants have to accept the Appendix to the Jena Experiment Data Use and Publication Policy.

After registering in the database and sign the Appendix, the applicant need to send a signed copy of the Appendix through email to the data manager team and state the detailed intention on the usage of the datasets in the database.

Registration as an external user is valid for one year and can be renewed. More details can be found in the workflow to become a user and access data in the Information System.  

Access to metadata and publicly available data

Access to metadata and public available data is possible via the database: after registration as an external user.

Once the public data is downloadable in the database, an external user needs to search and select the datasets she/he is interested in. The system allows users to select multiple datasets using the “cart” symbol. This allows a download of multiple datasets at once. The system automatically extracts information from multiple datasets into one or several spreadsheets for further use. Before the download starts, a questionnaire needs to be filled where the external user provides information about the purpose of the data download including the aim of the study and the type of analyses intended.