Central Coordination

Dr. habil. Anne Ebeling, Jena, Germany
Prof. Dr. Nico Eisenhauer, Leipzig, Germany
Prof. Dr. Gerd Gleixner, Jena, Germany
PD Dr. Christiane Roscher, Leipzig, Germany
Prof. Dr. Alexandra Weigelt, Leipzig, Germany

The Central Coordination project has two main coordination objectives, (Objective 1) management of the research group and the experimental site (WP1 and WP2), and (Objective 2) collection and provision of central long-term data (WP3 and WP4). Briefly, the management of the research site covers the maintenance of the field site and the experimental plots, the establishment and maintenance of two new experiments (ResCUE Experiment and DrY Experiment; see Coordination Proposal), coordination of the Research Unit’s activities, and administration. This involves the continuation of long-term data collection of abiotic properties, soil characteristics, and plant communities in the Main Experiment.
In addition, SPZ1 has the scientific objective (Objective 3) to continue leading synthesis work within the Jena Experiment by focusing on the role of plant diversity for a stable biomass production over time and under extreme climatic conditions by considering plant trait diversity and above-belowground biomass allocation (Main Experiment, Dominance Experiment, Trait-based Experiment, ΔBEF Experiment; WP5), analyzing the plant species and community responses to plant diversity and drought intensity in the DrY Experiment (WP6), as well as to hot drought in the ResCUE Experiment (WP7). Thus, measurements and analyses performed in this subproject will be the prerequisite for determining the conditions that cause stress in plant and soil communities, and exploring plant diversity-mediated resistance and recovery to extreme climate events, providing relevant data to all subprojects, and leading cutting-edge syntheses.