New publication from Eisenhauer et al. in Science: Ecosystem effects of environmental extremes

Climate and biodiversity change influence carbon, water, and greenhouse gas dynamics, thereby driving the delicate balance of ecosystems as carbon sinks or sources. On page 1514 of this issue, Werner et al. show how highly controlled and large-scale Earth science facilities can reveal the plant physiological processes, the role of plant-soil-atmosphere interactions, and the dynamics of greenhouse gases and volatiles that underlie tropical forest responses to drought. Specifically, they used an enclosed experimental rainforest in the Biosphere 2 facility in Oracle, Arizona to explore how drought influences carbon and water fluxes as well as soil-plant-atmosphere interactions by tracing isotopically labeled 13CO2 and deep-water 2H2O, and volatile organic compounds related to drought stress. The forest ecosystem displayed highly diverse drought responses within and among species throughout increasing drought and recovery phases, reflecting differences in functional plant traits, drought adaptations, and microclimatic conditions.

PERSPECTIVES published in Science (Volume 374|Issue 6574)

Werner et al. 2021 Ecosystem fluxes during drought and recovery in an experimental forest. Science. 374 (6574):1514-1518.


Nico Eisenhauer, Alexandra Weigelt, 2021 Ecosystem effects of environmental extremes, Science, 374 (6574): 1442-1443.